born on February 20
you may feel his dignity on his stable spine 
"I don't remember what was drawn."
3 years old

from 1978 to 1980
Organized a group of artists called "PANORAMA HOUR" and
began to write and contribute lyrics to musician friends.
First work of a illustration.
from 1982 to 1989
In a musical unit called Guernica he did lyrics,concept and art works.
They released 3 albums.
Released a solo album called "JINGAIDAIMAKYOO"
( Terra Incognita ).
Organized "EISEI HAKURANKAI" ( Hygiene exhibition )
based on medical treatments and human bodies.
Collaboration featured many artists.

Published a picture book "AMNESIA" and held Retrospective exhibition.
Wrote song "KOOGEN NO MUSE" ( a Highland muse) for
American film called "LIVING ON TOKYO TIME"
( directed by Steven OKAZAKI).
Produced a poster and other related goods
for the film called "DOGRA MAGRA".
Produced visual work for International Video Magazine
His song "Xi'an no Kodomo Ichiba" ( The Children Market in Xi'an )
was used at Y's Paris collection and for the film
"Notebook on Cities and Clothes" ( directed by Wim Wenders ).
This song was also used for another film "TOKYO-GA"
( directed by Wim Wenders ) in 1985.
Produced an original T-shirt "GAMON MERIYASU".
The comics which were made in this year
"Visit au Yubijin (a man with a tail)". *French version
An adventure story which originally commemorated the CD release "Jingaidaimakyoo".
Around this period he made lots of paintings and drawings
for erotic magazines
Published poetry and picture book "HATARAKU BOKURA"
( Pioneers - What hard workers we are! ).
This book was originally published in 1987
in black and white with English translations.
The 1991 version was printed in colour with German translations.
Lots of his works are featured in San Francisco based
multi-media magazine "MONDO 2000".
Started to produce works for French silk screen magazine
"Hopital Brut" (Le Dernier Cri).
Silk screen books "Le Gargarisme" and "The Blob" published in France.
Held a small exhibition at "Un Regard Moderne" in Paris and Marseille.

For the first time his works were animated on "Hopital Brut",
a video version of "Le Dernier Cri".
Artworks and a long interview featured in the San Francisco-based
music magazine "BANANAFISH issue 14".
An exhibition of silk screen works held in Tokyo.
Invited to join the group exhibition at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in LA.
A joint exhibition with Trevor Brown held at
Merry Karnowsky Gallery in LA.
Exhibit a silk screen prints in an exhibition of printed works at
Mondo Bizzarro gallery in Bologna.
Organize "Ohta Keiiti Marcket" in Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka -
where he displayed and sold the paintings, the hand printed T-shirts and original goods such as stationaries,badges,poster and more.
His works at "Le Dernier Cri" exhibition toured in Europe and America.
Holding a talk event in Tokyo.
Ohta talks a lot about his walk with the audience while looking at the pictures dsplayed be the porjector.

French newspaper
"CQFD" No.18
15 December 2004

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- Translated by V&H Luttman -
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